Michael pulled me from an E grade student to a C grade, something no mathematics teacher had yet been able to do for me.

Now I’m currently where I want to be – studying to be a pilot in the flight school, all thanks to Michael!

Thanks again, you helped get me where I want to be!

Thomas Holloway in 2015 from Cyprus

Mike has been an excellent teacher and enabled me to grow skills and confidence in mathematics as an adult learner.

An expert in learning methodologies, Mike has been able to help me learn new concepts, embed and use the learning in a way that is contextually relevant.

As an adult learner it has been important to be able to work at a pace that suits my needs, to build confidence in my new skills, to test concepts and theories in mathematics that help to embed the learning.

Mike has worked with me as a distance learner, using Skype in a 1:2:1 capacity. This has proved to be an extremely valuable approach. Using Skype means undertaking learning in the comfort of your own home / on the move or wherever is most suitable, enabling an efficient use of time and resources.

Mike has been consistent, reliable and focussed on helping me achieve the results I need to enable a return to university and subsequent career change and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others. He is an outstanding tutor.

Claire London in 2014 from Attleborough, Norfolk

We searched for some time in an effort to track down an A-level Economics home tutor.  What a ‘find’ Michael turned out to be for our son who was attempting to take a two year A-Level Economics course in one year, having missed a chunk of his schooling through illness.

Michael immediately gained our son’s confidence and set aims and achievable goals while at the same time, encouraging good learning practices.  Michael’s excellent communication skills and professional approach, helped to create the perfect learning environment and in return, commanded the highest respect as a person and a teacher.

We had envisaged driving the one hour round trip for home tutoring but the suggestion of online learning using Skype was the best way forward which made big savings in both time and fuel costs and meant the lessons could be taught in the comfort of your own home and with a degree of flexibility.

Our son went on to achieve a B grade in Economics.  There is no doubt that Michael’s contribution played an enormous part in our son’s success and we would unreservedly recommend Michael to anyone who is looking for a tutor with good teaching skills and who is able to deliver outstanding results.

Tessa Foster in 2013 from Halesworth, Suffolk

I came to Master Learning UK after achieving a D in Economics at the end of A-levels; due to poor results I opted to take a gap year and resit some exams, with help of private tutors.

I saw Michael Dowling once a week, and resat OCR A Level Economics Units 2, 3 and 4 with him.  Primarily, I would have been ecstatic to walk away with a B; I ended up getting a grade I thought was beyond my capability – an A* with an average 89/100 UMS in the 3 units I retook.  This included getting 98/100 in Unit 4.

This just goes to show what is possible with such a tutor like Michael.

Nick Prendergast in 2013 from Poringland, Norfolk

Michael tutored our son in A2 level economics. Over the engagement, our son changed from a struggling D student to one more confident with economic terms and theory. His grades gradually changed for the better and he also ended up liking the subject.
As a result, he ended up with an overall  A* grade in economics (2013 results).
I’ve no hesitation in recommending Michael, as a tutor. Not only was the exam result great, but our son now actually understands economic theory.

Michael Prendergast in 2013 from Poringland, Norfolk

I can’t praise Michael highly enough.  He managed to instill confidence, knowledge and self-belief in an A-Level student who had been predicted an A in Business Studies but was shell-shocked to get a C.  His university place was delayed; life was on hold for all of us.

Michael brought authority, methodical learning and essential calmness at a very difficult time.  He was brilliant – and his fees were, in my opinion, some of the best money I have spent.

My son not only got through his exam with flying colours (an A), but also came out of the experience a wiser, more focused individual.  With his professional background outside teaching, Michael is, I think, also something of a role model – advocating that if you work hard, set your sights high and believe in yourself, you really can achieve.

I feel certain that the good Michael did in just a few weeks will benefit my son for life.

With huge gratitude (and not a little relief!).

Claire Clegg in 2009 from Rattlesden, Suffolk

Hi Michael,

Just got back from holiday so I thought I would drop you a line and let you know that both Josh and Nick got A’s in their A’ Level Economics exam which they are very pleased with so thank you very much for your support.

You were a great help and we would certainly be happy to act as a reference for other parents.

Best Wishes

Charlotte Beevor in 2010 from Hargham, Norfolk.

Hi Michael! Like I said I would tell you when i found out, I got a B for chemistry and an A for biology!
Thanks for everything 🙂

Callum Bicknell 2010 in from Diss, Norfolk.

Michael, forgot to tell you my result from the January exams – got an A in the macro-economics paper so the studying paid off, thank you for your time and hope you’re well.

Chris Maynard in 2011 from Otley, Suffolk.

Michael helped our son Sidney with regular, weekly tutoring sessions for his Economics A-level throughout his two year course. He was punctual, patient, thorough and exacting. There is no doubt that his input greatly helped Sidney secure his ‘A’ grade and a place at Sussex to read Mathematics and Economics. Michael’s service was worth every penny and we would not hesitate in recommending him to others.

Caroline Bixer in 2011 from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Dear Michael,

Many thanks for all your efforts tutoring our daughter for Economics A level. It gave her the confidence she needed to get the grades she wanted to get to University. Just like it says on the tin, excellent economics tutoring. I would recommend Michael Dowling without reservation to anyone in the same situation.

Matthew Porteous in 2011 Pakenham Bury St Edmunds