On apps vs. the mobile web experience

Milk on tabletThis is a blog repost of an article posted by a good friend and business partner of mine, Adrian Rowbotham @_ade

The web has come a long way since the Netscape vs Internet Explorer ‘browser wars’ era of the late 1990s. Web browsers are now vastly more capable, and web designers and developers are constantly pushing the boundaries of the kinds of experiences that can be delivered through them. Continue reading

Why I’m not a fan of VLEs

ID-100255591Please forgive me if you’re a pedagogical technophile with a penchant for VLEs, for what I am about to tell you is only my personal opinion as the author of this blog post.

OK… now with my disclaimer hopefully shielding me from the worst of any backlash, I’d like to stress that Milk is not a VLE, because of the simple fact that most VLEs are change management disasters waiting to happen (if they haven’t already). Continue reading

Saturation to Consolidation: Edtech in the UK

Edtech MarketExhibitor stands at BETT 2017, the world’s largest education technology show, were snapped-up with such gusto that by Day 2 of BETT 2016, many exhibitors were already reserving their plots for 2017’s show. For the first time, there was a real sense of scarcity and danger of not being able to exhibit at BETT 2017 due to the huge demand from new exhibitors.

In 2013, London-based investment bank IBIS Capital, forecasted E-Learning to be the fasted-growing sector, with an expected rise of 23% between 2013 and 2017. The global education industry is now worth over $4.4 trillion and is set to rise even further over the next few years. Continue reading